GA Apply to College Month

November is Georgia Apply to College Month. Mrs. Seay, GHS Counselor, designated some days and times in November to help students apply to the colleges/universities of their choice. She was there to assist students with questions and provide students with application fee waivers if needed.  She provided information about some of the different programs offered at the various colleges. Students stated that they enjoyed this transition activity because they got to work in small groups and hear questions and answers from other students that they had not thought of before.

Additionally, on November 20th, Ms. Katie Minich from the Georgia Student Finance Commission visited GHS to help seniors complete the financial aid process for the 2020-2021 school year. Students stated that this was a great experience because they were guided and instructed on how to start the financial aid process.  Many of the students completed the process and selected which colleges they wanted their information forwarded to.