Ms. Pat Childs

Childs Pic

Courses Taught: World Literature
and American Literature

Ms. Ann Ferguson

Ann Ferguson

Courses Taught: 9th Grade Literature
and British Literature

A.A. in Business Administration and
Management from Phillips Community College

B.A. in Arts & Design (with an Emphasis in
Graphic Design) from LaGrange College

Master of Arts in Social Science & Reading
from LaGrange College

Likes: Reading, art, design

High School: Manchester High School
in Manchester, GA

B.A. in English from
the University of Phoenix

Pursing a Masters in Education (with focus on Adult Education & Training) from the University of Phoenix

Likes: Painting, singing, cooking,
being a mom

Dislikes: Negative energy,
perfumes, colognes

Info for Ms. Childs’ Classes

Google Classroom Codes:
1st Block American Literature – rh4ya3y
2nd Block American Literature – 4mpdaa3
4th Block World Literature – gnzu3iw

Info for Ms. Ferguson’s Classes

Google Classroom Codes:
1st Block British Literature – lxlyb2x
3rd Block British Literature – qfvivg6
4th Block 9th Grade Literature – e6aewow