Mrs. Brandy Perry


Exceptional Education Teacher for: U.S. History, Economics, Advanced Algebra, Foundations of Algebra, Algebra I, and Biology

Ms. Tareshia Henry

T Henry

Exceptional Education Teacher for: Algebra I Support, Geometry Support, Geometry, and Biology

Mr. Walter Jackson


Exceptional Education Teacher for: 9th Grade Literature, American Literature, British Literature, and Economics

Mr. Jamison McCray

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 3.49.41 PM

Exceptional Education Teacher for: British Literature and Economics

High School: Griffin High
School in Griffin, GA

B.S. in Psychology from Troy State University

Masters in Post-Secondary Education from Troy State University

Educational Specialist in Teacher Leadership from LaGrange College

Likes: Traveling, DIY projects, animals, anything my mom bakes

Dislikes: Presumptuousness, cruelty, disorganization, wastefulness

High School: Greenville High School in Greenville, GA

B.B.A. in Accounting and Management from the University of West Georgia

Masters in Business Administration from the University of West Georgia

Educational Specialist in Teacher Leadership from LaGrange College

Educational Leadership Certification from LaGrange College

Likes: Spending time with family and friends, making sweet treats, crafting, traveling

Dislikes: Snakes, cats, disrespectful people

High School: Manchester High School in Manchester, GA

Nursing Certification from
West Georgia Technical College

Associates Degree from
Los Angeles Community College

B.A. in Interrelated Special Education
from Columbus State University

Likes: Church, family, reading (especially the Bible),
fishing, traveling, people, all sports

Dislikes: Disrespectful people, cussing,

High School: Solcomb High
School in Solcomb, AL

B.A. in Educational Studies in Higher Grades from LaGrange College

Likes: Sports, cars, and video games

Dislikes: Auburn football