GHS Team Lifesaver Student Shout Outs for September

Give it up for the GHS Lifesaver Team’s Outstanding Students for the Month of September! Congratulations to these awesome students!

– Lakaiya Dunnon (recognized by Mr. Murphy)

– Jayden Redding (recognized by Coach Kempson)

– Amelia Phillips (recognized by Mrs. Barnes)

– Miguel Owens (recognized by Coach Tenny)

– Allyria Hall (recognized by Mrs. Seay)

– Faith Patterson (recognized by Mrs. Perry)

– Keysaun Daniels (recognized by Mr. Durham)

– Jaden Dudley (recognized by Mr. Burgess)

*The Lifesaver Team at GHS is made up of the CTAE, Fine Arts, PE, Counseling, and Media Center Departments & is coached by the AP, Ms. Birts.