GMHS Parent-Teacher Conference Night

Mrs. Barnes informed parents that our goal at GMHS is to build parent capacity with our parent involvement program. In other words, staff members will do their best to share information that will help parents be able to assist their children during the school year. This may be done by involving parents at parent meetings or workshops, by providing information in a school-wide newsletter, or posting information to the schools’ websites and social media, just to name a few ways. Mrs. Barnes shared information on the 10 Study Secrets of Great Students and how parents could help prepare their students to have a successful school year. Information such as this will be in the Parent Resource Center, as well as a wealth of additional information. After this meeting with Mrs. Barnes, parents and family members were able to meet with their student’s teachers to conference with them about their student(s) grades and behavior. Teachers provided parents with the different ways they could communicate with us. They shared the scheduled dates for progress reports and report cards. They also informed the parents about Infinite Campus and the parent portal. Parents were informed that Mrs. Simmons would be on hand during this meeting to assist any parent with logging in. The teachers also shared the school goals that we all will be working towards this school year. Also, teachers asked parents to encourage their children to read every day so each child would meet their target lexile level for their grade level.