Greenville High’s MVTs (Most Valuable Teachers)!!!

Stop what you’re doing and help us celebrate Greenville High School’s MVTs (Most Valuable Teachers) this month!!! The coach of each team at GHS selected their MVTs based on a number of factors, including student engagement, outstanding classroom instruction, efforts to promote student growth and success, going above and beyond outside the classroom to help the school as a whole, and being an overall team player and having a positive attitude. These three teachers are absolute standouts at Greenville High. They truly were born to teach. They make a positive impact and difference in the lives of our students each and every day, and we are so appreciative of their dedication to making our school an excellent one. Great things are happening at GHS…and these teachers are a big reason why!!!


TEAM LIT: MS. ANN FERGUSON (ELA Teacher) – Recognized by Team Lit’s Coach, Ms. Heaton (GMHS Instructional Coach)

TEAM TAT: MS. TARESHIA HENRY (Exceptional Education Teacher) – Recognized by Team TAT’s Coach, Mr. Jackson (GHS Principal)

TEAM LIFESAVER: COACH BRIAN KEMPSON (CTAE Teacher – Informational Technology) – Recognized by Team Lifesaver’s Coach, Ms. Birts (GHS Assistant Principal)

Thank you all so much for all you do! We are blessed to have you as members of the GHS family!!!