Patriot CARE Wraparound Center

Community Access to Resources and Education

A Place for Patriots to Succeed in School and Life!

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Health & Wellness

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Academic Support

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College & Career Transition

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Community Service

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Safety & Justice

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The Patriot CARE Center promotes the collaboration between students, families, and community partners to provide assistance and access to basic needs, academic and behavior support, college and career resources, and community and social services.
The Patriot CARE Center focuses on eliminating the barriers that hinder our students’ academic, behavioral, and social-emotional growth and success.
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We believe in the “whole child” approach to education: that a student’s academic success is predicated on all their other needs being met (physical, social, and emotional health).
We believe that every Meriwether County student deserves to be provided with the tools necessary to fulfill his or her potential and feel that he or she plays a vital role within a dynamic and technological world.
We believe that Meriwether County students need to feel competent when confronted with life’s many and varied obstacles and be resilient in the face of challenges (e.g., academic, social, financial, emotional, etc).
We believe that community partnerships can contribute valuable services and opportunities for all students to develop skills and competencies vital to fostering success across their lifespan.

We believe a culture of respect, collaboration, and support must exist within and among all stakeholders in order to best serve the students.