Scholarship Opportunity for Seniors from the Clemonts Family Foundation

Attention Parents and GHS Seniors: Last chance to enter to receive FREE scholarship funds from the Clemonts Family Foundation! The deadline is May 21, 2021!

Hey Greenville High School Seniors! The Clemonts Family Foundation is once again offering exclusive scholarships to GHS. This year, $6000.00 in scholarship money is up for grabs!


Tag clemontsfamily in a post or send a direct message to clemontsfamily on SnapChat stating:

1. What college you want to go to

2. Why you want to go to that college, and

3. How you’ll use what you learn in college to help your community.


Who: Greenville High Seniors

What: A chance up to $6000.00 in scholarship money

When: Now through May 21, 2021

Where: clemontsfamily on SnapChat

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Instagram: @clemontsfamilyscholarships

Twitter: @clemontsfamily

Facebook: @clemontsfamilyscholarships