UGA Admissions Counselor Visits GHS

Mrs. Seay, GHS Counselor, will be scheduling several transition activities for our high school students.  Our first transition activity on September 22nd featured Mr. Jay Menees, an Admissions Counselor from the University of Georgia, who came to speak to our sophomores, juniors, and seniors. He explained how the University of Georgia (UGA) looks at applications and how the institution reviews applications.  He shared that UGA has a 95% retention rate for 1st year students.  He informed the students that UGA is ranked number 16 in the country for academic excellence.  The school is both nationally and globally recognized.   He told students that it is important to start doing things now, such as challenging yourself to take college courses, to star preparing yourself for post-secondary education.  It is very competitive to get into this school.  The school will look at the following as part of the admission process:  GPA, rigor of your curriculum, completed counselor evaluation form, ACT and SAT scores.