High School Grading & Work Policy During COVID-19

Second Semester Grading & Work Policy for MCSS High Schools:

All high school students will receive a grade no lower than the first nine weeks grade of the second semester. Teachers will take the first nine weeks grade and enhance the grade based on work students complete by way of packets or online learning during the COVID-19 break. No student will be penalized for work they cannot complete during the second nine weeks of the semester. It is very important for students who were failing at the end of the first nine weeks to complete work and turn it in to their teachers online or during designated drop off days/times. Teachers have reached out to their students with a few exceptions where we have been unable to contact anyone. We are approaching grading in a way to assist all of our students. We are available to help you be successful. If you have questions, please email Mr. Jackson at thaddeus.jackson@mcssga.org or your teacher.