Shout Out to Ms. Ferguson’s ELA Students of the Week!

Shout out to Ms.¬†Ferguson’s ELA Students of the Week! A small business owner from the area donated FIVE, ten dollar restaurant gift cards to Ms. Ferguson’s class for her to reward her students of the week!
1st block students awarded were Fredricia White and Caitlin Williams
2nd block students awarded were Ahmad Ferrell and Amelia Phillips
4th block student awarded was Amantavious Ogletree
These students embody characteristics of ALL PRIDE words (punctuality, respect, integrity, discipline, and excellence). These four 9th Grade Lit students were all successful in their final drafts of their first essays. Amantavious did an excellent job on his first Google Slides presentation. They all participate in class discussions and activities and they each go the extra mile to exhibit positive behavior while in Ms. Ferguson’s class.
Congratulations to these amazing students! Keep up the hard work!