Ms. Haley Borders


Courses Taught: Advanced Algebra, Algebra I, Pre-Calculus, and Advanced Mathematical Decision Making (AMDM)

Ms. Trina Glenn

Glenn Picture

Courses Taught: Algebra I, Algebra I Support, and Foundations of Algebra

Ms. Ajoulonday Mathis

Mathis Picture

Courses Taught: Geometry and Geometry Support

High School: Jones County High
School in Gray, GA

B.A. in Math Education
from the University of Georgia

Masters in Post-Secondary Instructional Technology from Troy University

Likes: Baking, spending time with
my family, coffee

Dislikes: Rudeness, fish,
waking up early

High School: Newnan High School
in Newnan, GA

A.A. in Early Childhood Education
from Gordon State University

B.S. in Healthcare Management
from Clayton State University

Likes: Working out, spending time with
my family, eating at new restaurants

Dislikes: Rude people, bugs,
loud noises

High School: Jordan Vocational High
School in Columbus, GA

B.A. in Accounting from
Fort Valley State University

Likes: Shopping, teaching,

Dislikes: Lettuce, snakes,
lack of aspiration

Info for Ms. Borders’ Classes

Google Classroom Codes:
1st Block Algebra I – eibi6to
2nd Block Pre-Calculus – 6bfkzqz
4th Block Advanced Algebra – nzj2xpv
5th Block Tools for College Success – w5hbagf

Info for Ms. Glenn’s Classes

Google Classroom Codes:
1st Block Foundations of Algebra – m24sc55
3rd Block Algebra I Support – 7hzvrya
4th Block Algebra I Support – d2rju7m

Info for Ms. Mathis’s Classes

Google Classroom Codes:
1st Block Geometry Support – 4tkgoga
2nd Block Geometry Support – vu4pvb3
3rd Block Geometry – yntq5dl