Mr. Eric Poythress


Courses Taught: Physical Science, Chemistry,
and Environmental Science

Ms. Danita Welch


Courses Taught: Biology, Human Anatomy,
Environmental Science, and Zoology

High School: Troup County High
School in LaGrange, GA

B.S. in Medical Science
from Auburn University

Master of Arts in Teaching
from LaGrange College

Likes: Spending time with my,
kids, sports, traveling

Dislikes: Spiders

High School: LaGrange High
School in LaGrange, GA

B.S. in Art and Science
from LaGrange College

Masters in Education
from LaGrange College

Likes: Basketball, baking,

Dislikes: Disrespect, hatred,
chores (but they must be done)

Info for Mr. Poythress’ Classes

Google Classroom Codes:
2nd Block Physical Science – x53vrtp
3rd Block Physical Science – h4sp5rg
4th Block Environmental Science – eeukxsc

Info for Ms. Welch’s Classes

Google Classroom Codes:
1st Block Zoology – cbhh3d6
3rd Block Environmental Science – sb37lev
4th Block Biology – rmb6cx6